5 great cafes in Paris

Paris is famous for its café culture, but often the quality of Parisian coffee is criticised for being too bitter and burnt and generally of poor quality. However, I’ve found some lovely cafés whilst I’ve been in the city of light/love for the last few weeks, so here are a few that I’ve liked so far:

  1. Coutume: trendy, Australian vibe with as many different kinds of coffee as you can think of. Impressive. Even coffee-snobs like this place! Busy, light, airy, yet comfortable. The cakes are also worth trying.
  2. Anti-Café: a cafe with a difference, where you pay for time instead of drinks. One hour costs €4 and any drinks or snacks are included in that price, as well as free wifi, printer/scanner use, and the use of any books / boardgames around the place. The coffee is fairly standard, but they offer a special Latté Macchiato Caramel which is sweet and comforting.
  3. Merci Used Book Café: On the edge of the Marais district, Merci is a shop selling everything from fancy bed-linen to instagram-worthy lightbulbs, and has three different eating places, the Cinema Café, the Canteen and the Used Book café, which has floor to ceiling books (apparently 10,000) in a small corner of the shop. The coffee is good but the soups are excellent.
  4. Les Niçois: restaurant, café and bar inspired by Nice on the Mediterranean coast. Decor includes fishing nets and an old piano in the corner. The food tastes like the south of France.
  5. Thank You, My Deer: the coffee comes from Coutume, and the food is gluten-free, fresh and delicious. A tiny little place in the 11th arrondissement. The brunch set menu is €20 and includes two tartines, soup, fresh juice, and a dessert.

There are other great places in Paris which I have yet to try, but you can read about them here.

FullSizeRender IMG_4590 IMG_4366 IMG_3958IMG_4472 IMG_3868

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