Over the last few months, I’ve been working on an exciting new project with a great team of people. Last night, we launched the new online magazine, NOISE & SILENCE!

profile noise and silence launch

At the launch! Photo credit: Emily Everdee  

Noise & Silence aims to make music research accessible, provocative and enjoyable in a non-academic context, for everyone with an interest in music. We hope to become a platform for writing on all kinds of music, composing, creating, performing, listening to music and re-imagine the role of music in today’s society. We want to bring music research to the wider public, both by making a free-to-read website and also reimagining the reach of our content.

Our aim is to create something that bridges the gap between the vast audiences of music-lovers with cutting-edge music research. What does it mean to create music in today’s society? How does today’s auditory reality challenge received ideas about genre, listening and the creative process?

We’re currently looking for contributing editors, writers and artists. If you’re interested in getting involved, send an email to, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and read the magazine!

Creating a publication from scratch, with Co-Founder Georgie, and Deputy Editor Owen, has been a fascinating and educational experience. I’m really excited to see to this project develop and grow!

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