Noise & Silence

In November 2015, I launched NOISE & SILENCE.

NOISE & SILENCE is a new publication, founded by Oxford University students. It aims to make music research accessible, provocative and enjoyable in a non-academic context, for everyone with an interest in music. We hope to become a platform for writing on all kinds of music, composing, creating, performing, listening to music and re-imagine the role of music in today’s society. We want to bring music research to the wider public, both by making a free-to-read website and also reimagining the reach of our content.

As Co-Founder and Editor, I’m responsible for:

  • All stages of the editorial process, including liaising with writers to provide in depth feedback, negotiating drafts and deadlines
  • Working closely with the Deputy Editor and Contributing Editors to approve final articles for publication
  • Marketing, Social Media & Google Analytics
  • Events Planning, liaising with Co-Founder Georgie Lee
  • Managing correspondence
  • Responsible for Fundraising: Raised £385 in 20 days via Kickstarter (
  • Team Management, negotiating a team of editors and organising meetings