I am a Halstead Scholar at Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford, and the recipient of the 2014/15 Jenkins Memorial Scholarship from the Europaeum. I have presented papers at international conferences in Vienna, Dublin, London and Oxford and I have been a teaching assistant (undergraduate tutorials) at the University of Oxford.

My doctoral thesis, Music and Temporality in 1913 Paris, is an interdisciplinary investigation of pre-war Parisian cultures, exploring connections between social and technological change with cultural innovation. In particular, I’m interested in how changes in the experience and perception of time had an impact on literary and musical manifestations of time. My thesis is framed by the twelve explosive months of 1913 in Paris, a moment that witnessed the birth of many notable works of temporal innovation, including Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps, the first volume Proust’s A la recherche du temps perdu and Debussy’s Jeux.

I have Masters from Merton College, Oxford. My thesis, Germaine Tailleferre beyond Les Six: Musical Identity and Constructions of Gender in Interwar France, examined the enigma of the composer within scholarship on women artists, centred on a historiographical study of Tailleferre in the interwar period. I am broadly interested in questions of gender, feminism and identity.

Here’s a blog post on my time in Paris, and here is a guide to the national library of France.